Deal: 20% off new Europa IV DLC: Rights of Man for release week

Cheapening the Rights of Man

Your rulers can now abdicate, Queens become playable, and there’s actually a scenario where a sighted comet won’t lower stability in today’s Europa Universalis IV expansion release “Rights of Man”.

It’s one of the most coveted EU4 expansions to date, but the $20 price tag seems a bit steep considering the loads of expansions we’ve already seen. Enter the near 20% discount on Europa IV DLC from GMG if you want the new expansion a bit cheaper.

Europa IV New DLC Deals

The coupon works on either the Rights of Man DLC or on the more extensive Rights of Man Collection. The Collection contains the Rights of Man expansion and the “Rights of Man Content Pack” which contains new troop uniforms for factions from the Holy Roman Empire to Timbuktu (not a figure of speech, actually Timbuktu). New uniforms pictured here.

Hardcore fans of Europa Universalis IV have probably already picked up this DLC. For the rest us fans not quite as dedicated, here’s the deal to snag up and save for future DLCs.

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