Deadly Premonition tops US sales chart!

Yes, you read that right. In news that has shaken the very world to its core, the horror comedy spectacular that is Deadly Premonition recently became a chart topping game, leading Xbox 360 sales on Amazon. Deadly Premonition’s amazing performance was helped by an Amazon deal of the day that made the already budget title even cheaper. 

Of course, while Destructoid doesn’t like to take credit for the success of a videogame, we can’t help but think that our glowing review and extensive coverage had a little something to do with it. In fact, if Ignition would like to share its profits with us, that would be absolutely fine. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. 

Seriously though, that’s absolutely astounding news. More people need to experience the sheer madness that is Deadly Premonition, and I for one am incredibly glad that it’s gotten into more hands.

Saling The World: Cabela’s, Deadly Premonition Lead U.S. Charts [Gamasutra]

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