Deadly Premonition shenanigans at Destructoid LIVE

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I saw a message in my coffee today, clear as a crisp spring morning. Deadly Premonition, the budget horror/comedy game that only a fool doesn’t love, is going to have a presence at PAX, and Destructoid LIVE will be one of the conduits. If you want to leave PAX Prime with some cool Deadly Premonition stuff, then you won’t want to miss us!

Exactly how you could lay your hands on the Deadly Premonition stuff is being kept a mystery, but we’re working on making sure you’ll have to do something incredibly silly in exchange for the material goods. You ready to win some cool things in exchange for your dignity, Zach?

Destructoid LIVE will be at the Unicorn Theater on Saturday, September 4, 10:30am. Come along and you’ll get your fill of Destructoid-flavored entertainment, plus a chance to win Bobbleheads, an Astro A30 headset, and some more yet-to-be-announced fun!

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