Deadly Premonition drinks UK’s coffee on October 29

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Bizarrely brilliant comedy/horror Deadly Premonition has finally been given a release date for the United Kingdom, with Rising Star Games announcing that it’ll be ready just in time for Halloween. British fans of strangeness will be able to pick up Swery65’s coffee-flavored game on October 29. 

Deadly Premonition has proven to be one of the most controversial titles of the year, and even the publisher is keen to point out the contrast between Destructoid’s own 10/10 review and IGN’s brutal 2/10

“The release means gamers in the UK will finally be able to form their own opinions about Deadly Premonition,” declares Rising Star, “a game which has split opinions across the board: Destructoid awarded it 10/10, naming it “simply stunning”, while IGN US scored it 2/10, saying it’s “terrible”.

When I go to events like E3 and, more recently, PAX, the amount of people who thank Destructoid for recommending Deadly Premonition is mindblowing. Those gamers that have given it a chance has most often ended up falling in love with it. Here’s hoping those in the PAL region do the same!

U … K … in the coffee.

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