Deadlight: Director’s Cut quietly released today

Shhh! They’ll hear you

Almost four years after original release, Deadlight shambles back into our world with a new director’s cut. There hasn’t been much fanfare surrounding it, either. Following a March reveal, it has been mostly radio silence leading up to today’s launch.

But, out of the shadows it comes with a little help from Deep Silver. Deadlight: Director’s Cut sports upgraded visuals, better controls and animation, and a new survival arena mode for $19.99. It’s available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Of course, none of those features really gets at the core of what was wrong with Deadlight the first time around. As Jim pointed out in his 2012 review, it starts out wonderfully and quickly crumbles to pieces. I had the exact same disappointed sentiment. The first act of Deadlight is so good that I would have considered it a game of the year nominee if it had carried that strong start all the way through. Alas, narrative and pacing issues belie it. But, if you want to see what one-third of a great game looks like, Deadlight‘s re-release is waiting for you.

Brett Makedonski
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