Deadliest Catch meets Sin City: Sniper Studios’ untitled Wii game revealed

What we have here is a first look at Sniper Studios’ upcoming and yet-untitled Wii game. The trailer recently appeared without much fanfare on Gametrailers, and is also viewable at Sniper Studios’ official Web site.

What’s it about? Who knows. Like the headline of this post says, it looks like a cross between Frank Miller’s Sin City and the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. At some point, there’s hints of The Bourne Identity. No, I haven’t a clue as to what’s going on here. But if someone is making a film noir-style crabbing videogame, my pre-order money is halfway out of my wallet. And that’s how you push the medium forward.

Sniper Studios was formed in 2006, and has produced one game to date, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for the PlayStation Portable.  

[Via Nintendo Everything]

Nick Chester