Dead Star pulled from digital storefronts due to low sales


It seems that Armature Studios can’t catch a break. ReCore launched to some tepid reviews and now its other game from 2016, Dead Star, is being pulled from digital storefronts. You can no longer purchase the game from the PlayStation Store or Steam, though everything will operate normally until November 1, 2016.

After that date, only the demo will be available to try. Armature Studios’ director of operations, Jack Matthews, stressed to Kotaku that, “We are shutting down the game because, bluntly, the costs of operating the game now exceed its income.” I guess launching with PS Plus in April didn’t help sales.

Hearing news like this is always sad. Even if you don’t like an indie game, you can’t be too harsh on such a small team. Bigger studios create buggier games that often get a pass because of high production values, but indie games can be lost in the fray solely because of player expectations. It seems that Dead Star fell into the latter.

‘Passion Project’ Dead Star Delisted From PSN, Steam As Studio Plans Server Shutdown [Kotaku]

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