Dead Space prequel comic being released

EA and Image Comics have united to create a six issue comic detailing the events prior to the horrors of Dead Space.  Written and illustrated by Ben Templesmith of 30 Days of Night fame and co-written by Wasteland author Antony Johnston, the book tells the tale of an off-world mining colony that unearths an alien life force that really likes killing, or blood, or both.

The first issue of the Dead Space prequel will be available in stores on March 3rd.  However, attendees of Wondercon in San Francisco will have an opportunity to pick up a limited edition first issue with alternate cover art.  Ben Templesmith and Antony Johnston will be on hand to sign the book on the 22nd and 23rd, and the first 25 people in queue each day will receive a free copy of the first edition.

Qais Fulton