Dead Space goes gold, platform-exclusive suit DLC [Update]

Electronic Arts has announced that its survival-horror-on-a-spaceship title, Dead Space, has finally gone gold! The game is set to ship out to stores on October 14, so plan accordingly.

Additionally, EA has revealed that players who purchased the game within the first two weeks of release will have the opportunity to download a platform exclusive suit for the game’s main character, Issac Clarke. The Xbox 360 will get the Elite Suit, and PS3 will get the Obsidian suit. Cosmetic differences aside, both suits will offer “increased toughness and inventory slots” for players. 

Also, if you sign up for No Known Survivors now, you’ll automatically get $5 off Dead Space (or any other EA title) at the EA Store. Additionally, you’ll also have the chance to win an Ultra Limited Edition version of Dead Space, as well as a replica of Issac Clarke’s in-game helmet. Prizes and discounts aside, if you haven’t done so, definitely check out No Known Survivors; the folks behind it have put a lot of work into delivering a pretty great experience that goes deep in to the fiction of the game’s universe. 

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[Update: Special suits for everyone! EA has just informed us that anyone who pre-orders Dead Space for the 360/PS3 from GameStop online, EB Canada online, or at selected retailers across Europe, will get a special promo code.

What’s it do? Why, it gives you access to the special “Scorpion Suit.” Again, the suit gives you “increased toughness and inventory slots.” We put a picture in the gallery so you can make an informed pre-order decision.]

Nick Chester