Dead Space: Extraction requires a controller to play

Breaking: Dead Space: Extraction will require the use of a controller.

Earlier this afternoon we were shocked by a trailer Electronic Arts sent around to the media. The scandalous trailer (available below the fold) clearly shows two Visceral Games employees using the Wii remote and nunchuck attachment to solve puzzles cooperatively and dismember anorexic aliens in the Wii-exclusive title. The two staffers even go so far as to explain how to play the game. Whoa.

We haven’t contacted Electronic Arts about the content in the video and certainly have not asked what the publisher was thinking when choosing to add controller support. To be frank, we’re just kidding about controller thing and asking about it jokingly be a really easy way to make EA and Visceral Games think we’re retards.

[Update: Talk about clumsy. Wii remote, confirmed.]

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