Dead Space: Extraction gets its own comic, too

Comics. Comics. Comics. More specifically, comics based on games. We’re up to our ears in the s**t. Spyborgs. Prince of Persia. Singularity. Mass Effect. Dante’s Inferno. I have to be missing something. When does it end? 

Well, not quite yet. Visceral Games and Image Comics has announced that they’ll be teaming up to release a new comic based on the upcoming Wii-exclusive, Dead Space Extraction. Illustrated by Ben Templesmith and penned by Antony Johntson, the comic will present an alternate perspective on the game’s story line. Something about colonists fighting off necromorphs; it’s all very scary.

The one-off comic will hit shelves in September for $3.00, but those who attend San Diego Comic-Con can pick up a limited edition version of the book with a special cover for $2.00. Not in to the comic? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other Dead Space merchandise you can pick up at EA’s booth — figures, iPhone skins, and art books. Bring your Isaac Clarke piggy bank.

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