Dead Space devs talk about zero gravity

I think the thing about Dead Space that has me most intrigued, from a technical standpoint, has to be the zero gravity. In this developer’s diary, Senior Development Director Michael Condrey and Executive Producer Glen Schofield talk about what went into creating the zero-g areas of the game and provide a glimpse into what players can expect with the game releases next month.

According to the video, zero-g makes up roughly twenty percent of the game. These areas will offer a few varying scenarios, such as players having to maintain perspectivein combat situations or crossing lengthy distances while being mindful of a limited supply of oxygen in a vacuum.

I’m really envious of the other members of the staff who have had the opportunity to play this game. It’s okay, though. Only a few more weeks to go before Dead Space hits store shelves on October 14th.

Conrad Zimmerman