Dead Space 2 ‘Viral Suit’ infecting multiplayer gamers

There’s a virus circulating Dead Space 2‘s online multiplayer, but it’s one you might want to contract.

The outbreak was started by executive producer Steve Papoutsis, who introduced a yellow “Viral Suit” to the game. Anybody who killed Papoutsis and another designer got “infected”, unlocking the suit for themselves. 

The Viral Suit is now spreading throughout the game, as more players are getting killed and “infecting” other players. If you see anyone with a yellow “urban camo” design, make sure you slaughter them and nab the suit for yourself. 

I’ve always loved “viral” content like this in multiplayer games and it seems to have worked well here. I’m not massively into the game’s online portion, but I have a feeling I’ll be trying to get that suit. 

Dead Space 2 Viral Suit Making Its Rounds [Hell Descent]

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