Dead Space 2 plasma cutter replica costs an arm and a leg

The plasma cutter is one of the coolest weapons in videogames. You know you want a lifesize replica, so that you can roll around in the dark and pretend you’re awesome. If you have a cool $220, you can make that dream come true. 

These heavy duty plasma cutters are a lot more badass than anything you’ll find in Dead Space 2‘s limited edition. Packed in metal briefcases, they’re battery operated and recreate the three-point targeting light that gives Isaac Clarke the limb-shredding precision he needs. 

At $220, it’s more reasonable than some replicas out there, but it’s still an investment. I am currently weighing up the pleasure I’ll have with owning one versus the beating my wife will give me for wasting cash on toys. 

This will take some deliberation.

Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica [Entertainment Earth via Joystiq]

Jim Sterling