Dead Space 2 is happening, act surprised

Follow me a second, folks. Pretend it’s Christmas morning and grandma just gifted you another homemade sweater. Because you don’t want to see the old fart cry, you act surprised, perhaps even elated at her redundant and oh-so-trivial gift. I’m asking for that surprise right now. Ready? Dead Space 2 is being developed.

I know, I know. It’s not the worst-kept secret in the industry (the PlayStation Portable GO! is certainly the frontrunner in that category at the moment), but we’ve always sort of known about its existence.

Anyway, the proof is in the LinkedIn page (via Supererogatory). EA’s Pratik Patel recently updated his page to reflect his technical/development director status on the game.

The only thing I ask for out of a Dead Space sequel is more instant kill animations. I want more baby-on-my-face, tentacle-sucking action, because, well, that stuff rocked. What do you guys want? Are any of you not down with this?

[Via Joystiq]

Brad BradNicholson