Dead Space 2 far outselling DS1, other EA sales figures

Dead Space was highly regarded for the most part, but it didn’t sell as well as you might think. Add a “2” on the title, though, and suddenly you’ve got a bunch more people on board for your product. According to EA, Dead Space 2 is outselling Dead Space at a rate of two-to-one.

It’s nice to see a step up commercially, since I would definitely say DS2 is quite the step up from a critical standpoint. In its third quarter fiscal 2011 financial report, EA also revealed a few other figures.

Medal of Honor, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, FIFA 11, Madden NFL 11, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 have all “sold in” upwards of five million units each. Congrats are in order for MoH — I honestly didn’t expect the game to reach that level of success.

Dead Space 2‘s victory dance, courtesy of tipster Mike:

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