Dead Space 2 action figure is f*cking awful

I’m usually a big fan of NECA’s work. Their Aliens toys are great and they do some remarkable videogame figures. This Dead Space 2 Isaac figure, however, makes me want to vomit onto my hands and balls. 

It may be a case of bad photography, but since this is an official shot, and official photos tend to make toys look better, I can only assume that the figure looks just this bad. Or worse.

From the gaudy, child-like bloodstains on his armor to the bizarre body shape that makes it look like he has a wasting disease, I can only feel sorry for the Dead Space 2 protagonist. He looks ill and sad, and I want to wrap him in a blanket and tell him it’s going to be alright. 

Definitely not one of NECA’s best. I’ve seen more convincing Playmobil figures. 

Dead Space 2’s Issac now in color and- whoa, what the-? [Tomopop]

Jim Sterling