Dead soldier’s dad promises they’ll play Call of Duty again

A touching game-related tribute has surfaced in the press recently. British Private Richard Hunt died last week after falling victim to an explosive while patrolling Afghanistan. At the grave site of Hunt, a copy of Call of Duty: World at War now rests, lain there by his father. 

A handwritten note was attached to the game, reading: “Happy Birthday ‘Hunty’. Play you again one day. Dad.”

For some reason, this story really gets to me. I think it’s the extra resonance it has as a game-related story. Either way, it’s a very touching sentiment and one that makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time. That said, the cold streak of cynicism running through me wants to place bets on how long it will be before someone heads to the grave and steals themselves a free game.

Jim Sterling