Dead Rising Wii looks stunningly gorgeous … to Stevie Wonder

Maybe I’m just spoiled, being so accustomed as I am to current-gen graphics, but this above video seems almost embarrassing when compared to the original Dead Rising on the Xbox 360. It doesn’t look very good at all.

As aware as I am of the Wii’s technological failings, there’s no reason that the game should look this bad. Dynasty Warriors games on the PlayStation 2 could handle far more enemies on screen with better graphics than that. There’s no way Capcom couldn’t make this shopping mall look at least a little more lively, pardon the expression. Perhaps Capcom is still adding to the game, but with so few zombies, the game looks incredibly dull. 

Capcom’s support of the Wii is admirable, but there are certain ports that probably should not happen, despite how many Wii owners whine that they’re being left out. Games like Dead Rising weren’t designed with the Wii in mind, and shouldn’t be thoroughly gutted just so they can fit there. Still, it’ll probably sell well to the idiot crowd that doesn’t know any better.

James Stephanie Sterling