Dead Rising Sun won’t stay dead, to reanimate on DVD

Keiji Inafune’s career at Capcom may be dead and gone, but his directorial debut for the company just wont stay in the ground. Dead Rising Sun will rise from its grave on DVD later this month in Japan. The film was released earlier this year on XBLA to a tepid critical response, but this new retail version of the film will have new scenes. I’m sure that’ll get those critics to change there minds.

Personally, I think that Dead Rising Sun is probably the most accurate game-to-film adaptation of a Capcom property yet. It just feels right for the “movie” of Dead Rising to be nothing more than a series of strange, sickening, and unintentionally amusing events.

Lets hope this one gets a release outside of Japan someday soon, if just for the lulz.

Dead Rising Splatter-Flick Shuffling On To DVD [Kotaku]

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