Dead Rising 4 shambles over to Steam today

Paint the snow red

Something about Dead Rising 4 is dead and it’s not all the zombies (because they are actually undead, post-alive). It’s Microsoft’s timed-exclusivity. Capcom Vancouver’s slapstick, Christmas-themed zombie survival game has broken free of its shackles after just three months.

Dead Rising 4 is now available on Steam for PC players. Up until now, Windows 10 was the only option for playing on PC. Xbox One remains the sole console that Dead Rising 4 is available on. Microsoft has confirmed in the past that there’s a one-year console exclusivity deal in place, so we’ll have to wait significantly longer to know if there’s an eventual PS4 port planned.

As for how this version performs, that’s probably still up in the air but initial reports are reassuring. According to early Steam reviews (and this is entirely anecdotal), more people are saying it runs great than are having troubles with it. If that holds up, it’s quite the Christmas gift in March.

Dead Rising 4 [Steam]

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