Dead Rising 2 bloody direct feed video bonanza!

It’s one thing to talk about Chuck Greene’s wonderful creations and tools that he uses in Dead Rising 2. It’s a completely different story to see them in action.

If you’re wondering just how a spiked bat finds its home in the cranium of a zombie, you’ll see it after the jump. Curious to see what happens when you shoot an explosive arrow into a crowd of the undead? We’ve got that, too. Just how curious are zombies when it comes to a flying toy helicopter? You know the drill. (Speaking of drills, we’ve got those, too.)

There are five videos in all, each showing off different action, ridiculous kills, and more than one wild and crazy Chuck Greene outfit. But I’ll warn you — if you don’t like violence and gore, these are not the videos for you. Oh, who the hell am I kidding… go, go, go!



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