Dead Island Definitive Edition hits new low price in Halloween-themed sale

Bask in the warm ray of deals

Another holiday means another excuse for sales. Today, digital bundle retailer Bundle Stars jump started a “Scream” sale with select horror-themed titles at favorable pricing. And when we say favorable, we mean some historic low prices on certain games.

Deals will flow in batches and for the first batch, we’re seeing a new low price on Dead Island Definitive Edition and Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition — both are $11.27 a piece, at a nice 44% off from the $19 list price.

Other goodies includes the Metro Redux titles at $5 a piece and Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition for $4. For a limited time, Bundle Stars is also running a 6% off coupon “SCREAM6” which works on any titles $6 or more.

Scream Sale Day 1

For orders $6 or more use code: SCREAM6

Dead Island

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