Dead Cells receives some free DLC today on Switch and PS4

Live, Die, Repeat

2018’s smash hit roguelike Dead Cells is getting some free DLC today. The Rise of the Giant expansion is now available on Switch and PS4 and will be hitting other platforms in short order. The recently announced mobile port will also receive the DLC later down the line. Accessing the DLC requires that you have beaten the game at least once, which then grants you access to the Cavern area.

Rise of the Giant will feature 10 new enemy types including the Arbiter, three new skills for you to unlock, 10 new weapons, a replaced door in the Prisoners’ Quarters that leads to a new shop, and a hidden level. A new skinning system allows players to craft skins and change their look (with over 50 skins available). Playing on higher difficulties will also reveal a few different things, making subsequent playthroughs more unique over time. You can see the full list of changes over on the official website.

If this all sounds great to you, you can currently pick up Dead Cells for 20% off on all platforms. Developer Motion Twin mentions that the game has currently amassed two million sales across all platforms, so this sale is to commemorate both the new DLC and sales landmark. That’s impressive for a game jumping into an overcrowded market, but Dead Cells really is worth it.

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