Dead Cells launches on Android with a slight discount

One of the best roguelikes out there

It may not be your ideal place to play, but plenty of Dead Cells fans have been waiting for the long-time-coming Android release. It’s out today for $8.99 on Google Play with a range of mobile-centric tweaks.

Most notably, the Android version of Dead Cells has Bluetooth support if you’re dead-set on a gamepad and multiple options if you’re open to touch controls. There are two combat modes – Original and Auto-Hit – along with the ability to customize the button sizes and placements and swipe for dodge-rolls.

This is the full game in all its roguelike glory – with “no ads” and “no F2P” mechanics – and that’s a beautiful sight. There are trade-offs, sure, but it sounds like the best-case scenario for a mobile port.

I can’t wait to see someone pull off a five-cell run on Android. I’m over here stuck on BC1.

Jordan Devore
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