Dead Cells’ Brutal Update adds tons of new content

Whip it real good

Dead Cells took me by surprise. The self-proclaimed ‘RogueVania’ takes inspiration from a handful of other games and mixes them into a challenging, rewarding mix. Though it’s still in Early Access, Motion Twin’s procedural platformer is a polished, punishing game that’s hard to put down.

Tomorrow, Dead Cells will get a major update. The ‘Brutal Update’ doubles down on the game’s character progression system, overhauling stats and skills in addition to adding new environments and encounters.

Chief among the Brutal Update’s changes is the way that players level up. Instead of putting points into either Strength, Skills, or Health trees, players will use three new trees. Brutality improves all weapon damage; Tactics boosts your character’s active skills, Survival correlates to damage-reducing shields. 

Additionally, Dead Cells‘ update introduces two new locations called the Clock Tower and Slumbering Sanctuary. According to Motion Twin, both biomes include new enemies and loot. If you’re curious about the rest of the changes coming to Dead Cells, check the full patch notes.

Dead Cells‘ Brutal Update goes live on November 14. 

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