Dead Cells hits 10 million sales, further content updates in the works

dead cells 10 million sales dlc updates

Over 30 updates launches so far

Studios Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that popular fantasy Metroidvania Dead Cells has now smashed past 10 million global sales. This incredible number represents an accumulation of sales on PC and console since the games’ Early Access debut back in the summer of 2017.

“Following the success of Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, Evil Empire has been exploring the path forward for the title as a whole,” said the studio in a celebratory statement. “With years of successful updates and expansions behind it after taking over live ops of Dead Cells in 2019, the studio is tinkering with its time-tested methodology, experimenting with ideas for future updates and new ways for fans to enjoy one of their favorite roguelikes.”

The studio also revealed that plans are in motion to develop new updates and DLC for Dead Cells for the foreseeable future — with new content drops planned until at least 2025. Just recently, Dead Cells fans were able to enjoy the aforementioned Return to Castlevania DLC, which saw Dead Cells partner with one of the foremost titles in the Metroidvania genre, bringing familiar locales, enemies, and bosses to the title.

Outside of the digital realm, Dead Cells is also being adapted for the tabletop crowd, with an official board game in the works at Scorpion Masque. This project opened its crowdfunding campaign with a $30,000 USD target, and successfully raised around half a million dollars in less than fifteen minutes. Clearly, even with an amazing 10 million sales under its tunic, Dead Cells is only just beginning to open up its fascinatingly weird universe

Dead Cells is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and iOS and Android platforms.

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