Pinhead from Hellraiser is the next Dead by Daylight crossover, and that rules (Update)

Dead by Daylight Hellraiser Memento Mori

Whoops, we summoned Pinhead again

[Update: After riling up fans with a teaser trailer, Behaviour Interactive has confirmed the identity of the next killer in Dead by Daylight: it’s Pinhead from Hellraiser.

Known in-game as The Cenobite, he’s playable as of patch 5.2.0 on the PTB (Public Test Build). The hooks are back, but they’re decidedly less flesh-exploding than in the movies.

Pinhead can use the Lament Configuration “to torture every survivor at once,” and his perks — Deadlock, Hex: Plaything, and Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain — “allow him to slow generator progress and continue to torment survivors who have experienced his sweet suffering.” Yeah, sounds about right. He’s just doing what we asked of him!]

Even if I have no real desire to get into Dead by Daylight, I’m entertained every time I poke my head in to see what this game and its players are up to — especially when there’s a new horror movie icon on the way. With today’s teaser trailer for Chapter 21, speculation ran wild about Pinhead from Hellraiser and Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

But before we get into it, what do you see? Aside from the “19.87” in the top right?

Paused at the right moment, you’ll catch a pop of color on the TV screen in between all of that noise. As pointed out by Reddit user SpaceMagicBunny, this imagery echoes a scene in Hellraiser in which Kirsty encounters the Cenobites after waking up in the hospital.

Can’t get more clear than that, right?
byu/SpaceMagicBunny indeadbydaylight

Pinhead makes total sense for Dead by Daylight, and he’s in good company.

But earlier this week, before the Chapter 21 teaser trailer, the community was getting riled up with letters in tweeted images (that eventually spelled “RAISE”) and audio files shared on Discord (that ultimately spelled out “HELL” with a spectrogram).

Amid that open-ended chaos, some speculators believed that Springtrap, the rotting rabbit from Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, was a distinct possibility.

cmon man
byu/Radicaltastic indeadbydaylight

Other fans simply wanted to will Candyman into existence, which, I don’t blame them — Candyman is in my top ten. In fact, I’d put it and Hellraiser up there as the movies that will always get under my skin no matter how old I get or how many times I’ve seen them.

I hope the new movie — or should I say movies — can live up to their full potential.

After stepping into the Dead by Daylight Hellraiser tease midway through, it has been a trip to go back and see everyone’s guesses (and jokes). Again, even if I’m not actively playing, as someone who adores horror, it’s fun just to watch this all unfold from the sidelines.

Currently the new killer looks pretty likely to be Pinhead, but I’ve seen some firm Springtrap believers and even some that think it’ll be neither. So since it’s probably gonna be revealed soon, what’s your final prediction on who it will be? I’ll give gold to a random person that gets it right.
byu/idkdudejustkillme indeadbydaylight

Guys. I figured it out
byu/doubleoeck1234 indeadbydaylight

If only they would be so bold.

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