De Blob to encapsulate a Wii near you, just not soon [update]

Even if the Wii has been handed a few sloppy ports from its higher-powered competition, there is still plenty of room for some original, top-shelf quality IPs to make their presence known on the little, white, wonder. One such potential title from THQ comes to mind, and it’s called de Blob. No, it’s not a misspelling, or some drunken French guy talking about one of his ex girlfriends. De Blob is in actuality, a title that has the potential to ooze originality from its pores. So what exactly is it?

According to a special preview showing that the guys at IGN enjoyed, de Blob is basically nothing more than a gelatinous extraterrestrial that can take on different colors and paint the world. A world, that is currently devoid of all color at the moment, thanks to the evil (brace yourself for this one) Ink Corp. As de Blob, it is your duty to bring vibrant color back to the city of Chroma, by rolling around the city all Katamari Damacy style, and leaving a trail of hues behind you.

THQ is promising between 12-16 giant stages of fun in the final build, and a solid multiplayer experience is already a given. Not bad for what started out as a school project between 9 Dutch students. Expect to hear more about this game at E3, as even in its infancy — it has fun written all over it. If you want a sneak peek at the free download that started it all, point your PC here. I must warn you, it is addictive.

[Update: Thanks to Kotaku for pointing this video out to us.] 

[Thanks Myxyzptlk]