DDO: Eberron Unlimited has a store, fresh images show it

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is a free-to-play MMO with all the frills you should expect from one, including a store. This morning Turbine tossed us multiple screenshots of the new DDO store. Consider this your first look if you’re not currently participating in the digital upgrade’s beta test.

From what I can see, the store offers standard fare: potions that increase experience points and loot, extra races and combat stances, and optional quests. One of the cooler things about it — and yeah, it’s just a store — is that it’s available in game: activating the store icon doesn’t push you out of the game and into a browser window.

So, yeah, DDO: Eberron Unlimited has a store. You can buy stuff in it.

If all this MMO business has you confused, I suggest reading our interview with Turbine about DDO: Eberron Unlimited. The fine folks I spoke with walked me through its story and pointed out what makes Eberron Unlimited special. Pretty hip stuff and some remarkably candid answers to my questions.

Brad BradNicholson