DC Universe Online, a world where games have their own MySpace pages

Before today, I really didn’t know much about Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO, DC Universe Online. But then it sent me a MySpace friend request and … wait, what the hell? Why do games have their own MySpace pages? Is that like when people make pages for their cat? 

In any event, there it is. And like everyone else on MySpace, it has a lot of pictures of itself. Ooooh, first screens from DC Universe Online! It’s looking pretty decent, and very heavy on the Batman universe — Robin, Mr. Freeze, the Joker. It looks like the whole DC crew will be on board to fight alongside (and against) an online world populated by … YOU!

Yeah, OK. I’m still a bit creeped out that a game has its own MySpace page. To make matters worse, I noticed that the Melvins are premiering their new album on MySpace, too. What’s this world coming to? Perhaps I will dive in DC Universe Online just to get away from it all.

Nick Chester