DC Direct’s line of Mass Effect 2 figures is looking rad

Besides what little we have learned from the slew of recent Mass Effect 2 trailers, we really don’t know all that much about the new characters beyond their appearance and general traits/abilities.

Depending on if I end up hating or loving Thane and Grunt when this game finally hits, my answer could change, but as it stands I want this entire set of action figures minus Shepard. We know more about him than all these other characters, even Tali, but his facial region is giving off a weird vibe.

Considering how these things aren’t going to be ready until late August, I suppose I’ll have plenty of time to figure the logistics out. Hold on, I can just replace the Spectre with my Isaac Clarke figure! Feel free to release these toys right now, guys. Like, how does tomorrow sound?

Oh, and if you’re the super anxious type, you can pre-order the lot of ’em at Entertainment Earth.

First Look At DC’s Mass Effect 2 Action Figures [Gamervision]

Jordan Devore
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