Days Gone added a way to reset hordes

The Death Stranding crossover items in Days Gone

Rock-a-Bye BB

As of patch 1.60, it’s now possible to reset hordes in Days Gone and face them again.

You can reset hordes, ambush camps, and infestation zones repeatedly, but first, you’ll need to clear the story mission “For an Outlaw Biker” and reach 100% completion for either “Horde Killer,” “Ambush Camp Killer,” or “Infestation Exterminator,” respectively. With that caveat out of the way, you’re free to duck into the pause menu (by pressing the “Options” button on the DualShock 4) and select “Reset Jobs.”

The map will be refreshed, and then you can sink even more time into this massive game.

Even if you aren’t into Days Gone, you can probably still relate if you’ve ever gotten hooked on other open-world titles (for me, Far Cry). Sometimes, I just want to get back in there and clear out camps again. It’s cathartic to replay this stuff and absolutely crush it once you’ve gotten better at the game.

Aside from the reset feature, patch 1.60 also added a “UI Color Mode to help visibility and contrast in certain HUD elements” and a linear aiming option that “will make camera movement more one-to-one with the Right Stick input, instead of using more of the input range for smaller aiming adjustments.”

Oh, and there are Death Stranding crossover items.

  • Death Stranding Tank

  • Death Stranding: BB Tank

    • Both tanks can be acquired only from the Diamond Lake Mechanic

  • Death Standing Decal

  • Death Standing: BB Decal

    • Decals can be acquired from any valid mechanic

  • Death Standing: BB Base

    • This frame paint can be applied on from any valid mechanic

Bend Studio characterizes this as the “final features patch” for the game, but the Days Gone team “will continue to identify and resolve major bugs if needed in future patches.”

They deserve a rest.

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