Day of the Tentacle shoes: coolest fashion on earth?

If you’re grabbing the monitor and screaming right now, you are no doubt just as big of a Day of the Tentacle fan as I am. Can’t say I blame you, either — these handpainted chucks might be the coolest gaming shoes I’ve ever seen. Created by Madrid-based artist Maya Plisetskaya, they are currently on eBay for 250,00 Euro (about $329 US). Mighty pricey, yes, but for God’s sakes, LOOK AT THEM.

Apparently she does these somewhat regularly, as she also created a pair based on the Monkey Island series. How much more scruptiously nerdy that that it can get, I cannot tell you, but if she churns out a Maniac Mansion themed pair I can tell you now, I will punch scores of old ladies in the face if I must to own them. I can resist some things, but there’s a certain level of awesome that I can’t resist, no matterhow far into debt it might sink me.

[Via RockPaperShotgun]

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