Dawn of Heroes: new DS RPG from Majesco

Dawn of Heroes is a tactical RPG by developer Wicked Studios. Majesco is bringing it to DS systems this June. I’ve heard nothing about it until today, but I have some details and some screenshots to share.

Dawn of Heroes is supposed to be a bit different from your standard DS tactical RPG. That’s good to hear! The press release mentions “hilarious dialogue, customizable parties, a variety of dungeons and items, and multiplayer features geared towards building a community of heroes all over the world. “

That all sounds good to me! 

There’s online item sharing, WiFi multiplayer, a touch interface, and over 50 missions to play through. 

It’s pretty difficult to tell what’s going on in these screenshots, though. You can’t really get a feel of the art style from these.  Here’s to hoping we get a better look at this soon.

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