Dawn of Fear has all the old-school Resident Evil vibes

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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PlayStation 4 is getting a new survival horror game next month, but it seems like something that’s 25-years-old. Anyone who’s the least bit familiar with the original Resident Evil will instantly recognize its influence on the upcoming Dawn of Fear.

All the hallmarks are there: Static third-person cameras, inventory management, a labyrinthine mansion, an emphasis on puzzles, and shooting slow-shambling zombies. The trailer, unfortunately, does not show any dogs jumping through windows.

Here’s a summary of the plot of Dawn of Fear:

Will Dawn of Fear end up adding to the genre that its developers so clearly love? Or, will its imitation of Resident Evil be so obsessive about recreating Resident Evil that it results in a creatively-stunted and lesser game? We’ll find out when Dawn of Fear comes to PlayStation 4 on February 3.

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