Dawn of Fantasy screens and details dawn upon us

Reverie World Studios has revealed some more details on its upcoming MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy. A “Kingdom Wars” world offers singleplayer fans to build their economy, train their armies, and switch between a strategic overview and a tactical view for fighting out battles.

Two additional singleplayer modes offer players to train how to do siege attacks in “Lay Siege” or how to defend from siege attacks in “Defend Castle.” The meat of the game comes from its “Online Kingdom” world, however, which takes the mechanics existing in the singleplayer world and lets players trade, form guilds, and wage war in a persistent online world.

Your towns’ economies will keep on working when you are logged off, which can be interesting if you play at night and pick on those silly sleeping players who just sent out their defensive force to aid an ally before going to bed. Also, walking woods (aka Ents) and “dragon mercenaries” are in.

Having singleplayer components, story-driven quests, and three distinctly different races (Elves, Orcs, Humans) goes a long way in making this more appealing than just being a persistent MMORTS, and the beta signups are still open if you want to give it a try.

Maurice Tan