David OReilly’s Everything rolls onto Steam

A weird and wonderful simulation

One month later, David OReilly’s Everything — a curious game “where everything you see is a thing you can be, from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond” — is now also available for Windows and Mac.

Our own Josh Tolentino reviewed the PlayStation 4 version. He remarked that “Everything feels to me like a mellow, less aggressive take on Katamari Damacy or Noby Noby Boy, a curious, reflective novelty that, for players in the right kind of mindset, can spark something profound.”

I’ve yet to play the final release version, but I did tinker with this grand toybox at a preview event once before — enough to get a sense of the genuinely cool tech powering the game, and its silly-as-hell tumbling animals. I didn’t know how it would fare with critics, but overall, things went well.

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