David Kassan painting with the uDraw GameTablet

Do you remain skeptical of THQ’s uDraw tablet for the Wii? Check out the above video and see what a pro can do with the tool. Award-winning painter David Kassan can be seen pumping out a very impressive portrait using uDraw.

This is all well and good and I’m glad that the tools can produce such results but, really, who is going to use the uDraw for this? I think the capabilities of the tool are beyond what the consumer would need and inappropriate as a product for those who would actually use the features. 

Frankly, the only thing that seems to have even a shot at commercial success as a dedicated-peripheral game using this device is Pictionary. I’m sure people would buy that by the boatload but I don’t know that I would buy a separate peripheral for seventy dollars and then buy the game on top of that.

Conrad Zimmerman