David Cage’s best game, Indigo Prophecy, is coming to PS4 in July

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Not as a full remaster though

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Developer Quantic Dream confirmed at E3 last night that Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit) will be arriving on PS4 on July 18 for $14.99. The studio later clarified that this will be a “PS2 Classic on PS4,” so no, it’s not a full-on remake or remaster like some people have come to expect.

The funny thing about Indigo is that David Cage wanted to make a serious story, but failed so spectacularly as the compelling murder mystery setup eventually devolves into a Dragon Ball Z superhero saga. If you have an open mind and like anime, I highly recommend picking it up as it doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously as Cage’s later games, when he realized he wanted to become a Hollywood director.

You can also grab it on PC for $9.99.

Quantic Dream [Twitter]

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