David Cage says he’s not making any more thriller games

Heavy Rain director and visionary David Cage has officially sworn off thrillers, stating that the upcoming PS3 exclusive will be his last title in the genre. The M Night Shyamalan of videogames has claimed that his next project will be something quite different.

“I’m really happy I’ve done so because I wanted to have a very codified genre that I can really play with, I know where the boundaries are, it’s really well defined for me and for everybody and at the same time I can try to play and learn within this space,” explains Cage. “Now I think I’m grown up enough to say, OK, let’s expand the space and try to see what else I can do with what I’ve learned.”

Good. After playing Heavy Rain, I’ve determined that Cage isn’t all that good at writing thrillers. Maybe he could do a buddy comedy next. 

Cage: No more thrillers from me [Eurogamer]

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