David Bowie demands dancing in this LEGO Rock Band video

Here he is, the LEGO David Bowie we told you about yesterday. He’s going to town on “Let’s Dance,” as it appears in the upcoming LEGO Rock Band.

I still only vaguely see the resemblance to Bowie upon a quick glance. Outside of the two-color eyes and the fact that it’s singing “Let’s Dance,” it’s a stretch. Side-by-side with an actual image of Bowie from the video (outfit and all), sure… but these guys look more like David Bowie, if you ask me. 

As for LEGO Rock Band itself, it looks like what you’d expect a Rock Band game to look like. Just with more LEGO bricks. We know it’s a bit more than that, but if we said anything else, we’d have to kill you. Or ourselves. No one wants that.

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