Dave Quiles blows us away with his Celsius Aran

I won’t pretend to know much about the toy/figurine scene other than what I catch briefly over at Tomopop, but I think that even with my limited background in the field I can comfortably say that this Celsius Aran figure by Dave Quiles is amazing. Collectors of such things, can we agree on this?

The figure has hand carved lines and sculpted accents that just make it pop, and the detail is simply incredible. As if making a beautiful creation like this weren’t enough Quiles also included LED lights that light up Samus’s helmet and make her arm canon pulse with power. It’s pretty much 360 degrees of awesome with some LEDs shoved in there.

Sadly, awesome cost a lot of money. It seems this little sucker will cost you around $1,000 if it hasn’t already been bought yet.

Celsius Aran Custom [Plastic and Plush, via Tomopop]

Matthew Razak