Dataminer uncovers new Super Mario Odyssey costumes, including a rad conductor

Also, zombies

At any waking moment someone could uncover some Super Mario Odyssey costumes. It’s just a given. Nintendo seemingly packs in so much unused data into all of their Odyssey updates that folks have an easy time locating them, and now YouTuber Mizumi has found some more.

Mizumi went through the latest update and identified the following costumes: zombie, Santa, 8-bit Mario cap, conductor, and racer. Perhaps the most disturbing is the zombie, which features an axe in Mario’s head, but there’s also classy costumes on display (like the noble conductor) or festive ones (like Santa).

Given the content of some of these costumes, I can easily see Nintendo releasing them for Halloween or Christmas at some point just to keep people interested in Odyssey. It’s working, as some of these outfits are just enough of an excuse to pop back in and get a moon or two.

Chris Carter
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