Dataminer uncovers evidence pointing towards a Bloodborne PC build

It says a build could have been around for some time

Bloodborne lovers who use Twitter know the pain of seeing the game trending every other day only to find out it’s for old reasons. This time around, it’s for a surprising new development.

Bloodborne only has two real problems. The first is that it doesn’t run at a stable 60 FPS. The second is that it isn’t on PC. Lance McDonald, a prolific hacker in the Bloodborne scene, has discovered what he believes is proof that there is a PC port of Bloodborne.

In short, McDonald spotted a screenshot taken by Marcos Domenech, a FromSoftware developer, and says they were taken with a Windows build. McDonald has claimed that Bloodborne has had a Windows build since as far back as 2014, but says this particular version may be such a complete version that it even features the game’s DLC. This is due to context clues from the screenshots themselves, like the loading icon, to the screens coming from the Fishing Hamlet.

Alongside porting the game to a new platform, a Bloodborne PC build could also overcome the game’s FPS limits. McDonald himself has published a 60 FPS patch for Bloodborne in the past, so it seems quite doable, especially with a PC’s power behind it.

The long night

Nothing has been announced from FromSoftware in terms of a PC port happening. The hope would be that Bloodborne could get a port onto PC, a move that could follow in the steps of very successful ports like God Of War and Spider-Man. (And hopefully not like The Last of Us Part 1‘s PC port.) McDonald doesn’t seem quite that optimistic, though, saying it’s just “trivia” or frustration, knowing the build could exist somewhere.

Bloodborne coming to PC could open the game up to a new batch of players, much like it did for the Souls games following their ports to PC. For now, we’re still stuck waiting to see.

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