Darwinia set to go multiplayer

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The critically-loved indie PC game title Darwinia will soon get a multiplayer buddy named Multiwinia. According to the makers Introversion, Multiwinia will be available for play some time in 2008. CVG has the details:

Called Multiwinia and due for release in 2008, the game will combine “elements of the award-winning Darwinia, with the addition of multiplayer support which will enable both co-operative and competitive battles between massive Darwinian armies,” Introversion tells us.

Multiwinia lead designer John Knottenbelt has further explained, “We’ve created a new formation mode which will let you organise your Darwinians into ranks to create massive armies. In formation they’ll have greater firepower in the direction they’re facing, but virtually none from either sides or behind. It’s going to get pretty messy, requiring a whole new set of tactical skills from the gamer.”

Good news for you indie fans, huh? 

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