Darth Vader Wii sensor bar holder protects your virginity

A few years back, in my younger years, a friend of mine had shelves of action figures in his apartment. A big Star Wars fan, this included plenty of George Lucas-themed toys and the like. Far from being the typical nerd, he did alright with the ladies, most of which never complained about the nerd shrines. 

Still, my friend decided one day that he’d pack away his toys. Make the place more presentable. He was an adult after all. I suggested maybe something a bit more subtle; a classy, framed Star Wars movie poster, perhaps?
Here’s something I wouldn’t ever suggest — buying something that looks like Darth Vader to hold up your Wii Sensor Bar. As gamers, we’ve often been shunned as outcasts, longing for the day when the medium could be accepted by a more mainstream audience. Those days are upon us, with videogames more accepted than ever, thanks in no small part to the popularity of the Wii.
So this Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Holder costs $50, the bar sitting in Vader’s hands in place of a traditional light saber. Folks, don’t do it. This is the kind of stuff that will set back our cause by at least a decade. Think about it.
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