Daroach is in the house in Kirby Star Allies with new footage

Coming as part of the summer update

Daroach was always kind of an unsung villain in the Kirby universe. I mean Squeak Squad isn’t a marquee Kirby game for one, but I always dug his blazing magician design. Now he’s getting his due in Kirby Star Allies as a playable character, joining several other members of the Kirby crew as free DLC this summer.

To celebrate the official Kirby Twitter account has given us a few seconds of footage, will will likely be followed up by a comprehensive gameplay video closer to launch as they’e done in the past. If you want the full rundown on what was found by way of a datamining operation, check out the list here

Allegedly there will be a third wave after the summer update, which followed up the original wave of Rick, Kine, Coo, Gooey, and Marx. Yeah, this game rocks.

Kirby [Twitter]

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