Darn it all to Mech: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 screens

Screenshot time! Koei has kindly sent us over some new screens for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and now I get to post them whether you want me to or not. To be honest, I’m shocked that yesterday’s Gundam Musou post managed to get seventeen comments. Let’s try for eighteen this time! We can do it with Pikachu at our side, anything’s possible.

The game is looking pretty much how you’d expect, so you already know if you’ll like what you see or couldn’t care less. At the very least, Koei is reliable — whatever criticisms you may have of the company, you can’t fault them there. 

I just wish I understood anything related to Gundam. I honestly tried to watch some episodes once, but a part of my brain dripped out of my ear.

James Stephanie Sterling