Darksiders promotion extends to all new purchasers

Not long ago the mysterious Darksiders “DO NOT DISCARD” voucher was revealed as a promotional device, a code that netted those a free console copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla and some Darksiders swag. If you didn’t get a voucher, despite buying the game new, it seemed like you were out of luck. But no more!

In a post entitled “The Codeless are Not Forgotten,” on the Darksiders blog, it’s been revealed that those without vouchers can still claim their free stuff — barring that they have these three things: the original receipt for Darksiders, the game’s barcode and the five bucks for shipping.

If you have all of those things — and really, who doesn’t have keep their receipts for games they purchased weeks ago? — hit up this mail-in form and get it to THQ before March 7th. If you live in the US, that is.

The Codeless are Not Forgotten
[Darksiders blog, thanks Infrared Chimera!]

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